Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I've already moved on...

Sometimes you have to let go and move on. I know there are many times in life when we have to do this. Sometimes those times are in moments of contention. You just decide to let go of the fight because it's not worth fighting. When the argument is not beneficial...and no progress can be made. It's the moments where you take the high road. Sometimes those times are when people cannot see through their own pain and troubles. They may not understand, and want to continue the argument to make their point, but its just a waste of breath. It's a waste of your breath, time, and energy too...when they don't listen...or they continue beating "the dead horse," as the saying goes.

I, myself, am tired of having the same "argument" and hearing the same old thing over and over. This time is when I don't respond and waste my time in doing so. It's the time to continue moving forward with my life. Like I've been doing. No need to beat dead horses. They're already dead anyway.