Thursday, October 10, 2013

things i love.

Fall is my favorite season.  I love the sights, smells, and tastes of fall.  One of the most fun things that comes every year like clockwork is the Dixie Classic Fair.  I went twice this year.  The first time with friends and the second time with my parents.  I always eat too much---and the worst possible things.  But I soooo enjoy it.  My favorite place to eat now is at the Amish booth.  They have the BEST pretzels and donuts.  They are made fresh every single batch.  The deliciousness is almost too much to handle.  But I handled it just fine, I guess.  Both nights. The first night, the donut I ate came dripping with sweet delicious icing.  So much so that some decided to make a home on the bottom of my pants.  Caution: Never eat a fresh dripping donut while walking.  You will make a mess, be a mess.  But it's worth it!  The next thing to look forward to is the BBQ Festival in Lexington. [Besides the every day joys of the smell of leaves and the change of the colors...oh, and anything pumpkin!!]  Here are a few pictures I've taken on my phone of some of the "fallish" things I've enjoyed this far.

Now I'm looking forward to enjoying some of my favorite fall/winter food.  Soup, chili, stew--especially Chicken Stew!!  Happy Fall!