Friday, January 3, 2014

work in progress list [2014 edition]

I have come to find that every year most of us tend to make resolutions about what we'd like to accomplish in the new year, only to fail at being faithful in seeing those resolutions to completion.  I know I've failed at many resolutions over my 27 years, and I've decided to not make resolutions anymore.  My "resolution" from last year was to try new things. I want to expand on that this year by being willing to try things that might intimidate or scare me.  I would like to get outside of my box and take a step out of my comfort zone.   This introvert does not plan on becoming an extrovert, but I want to be more willing to be "extroverted" or outgoing in new situations.  It's time I stop being scared in certain situations.'s my list for 2014. I guess it's a work in progress list to start in 2014. Here goes:

My work in progress list for 2014:

  • Continue trying new things. 
    • I started this in 2013.  I'd like to continue.  Even if it was baby steps and nothing major, I enjoyed doing some things I'd never done before.  
  • Sticking to the goals I have set for myself. 
    • Healthier habits I'd started in 2012 that fizzled out in Fall 2013.
  • Be a better friend.
    • Be more aware of the needs my friends have and trying to meet the ones that I'm able to.
  • Have a better prayer life. 
    • Being more intentional.  Habitual. Praying for family, friends, others, "enemies", my future husband.
  • Be others focused. 
    • Not focusing on my problems and myself all the time.
  • Be more compassionate.
    • Goes with the previous point. I have a hard time showing or feeling compassion for certain people.  I tend to limit my compassion to children.
  • Don't be scared to talk to people I don't know or don't know well. 
    • My introverted awkwardness comes out around certain people and in certain situations.  Getting over my fears and anxiety of putting myself out there and showing interest in other people. 
  • Learn to be content where I am and trusting completely in God's plan for my life. 
    • Being thankful for the fact that God has blessed me immensely, even though this is not where I wanted to be at this point in my life, He's got the perfect plan that is for my good.  I need to focus on this and be reminded of it every. single. day.
  • Not focusing on the things that others have that I want to have. 
    • Husband/babies to be specific.  God has a plan.  I have the desire to have these two things.  I want to be a wife and mom more than anything in the world, but I know that in God's perfect timing He will bring about the plans He has for me.  
  • Practice more patience.
    • With people.  In my job.  With my family.  With my friends.  With people who I find difficult to be around. With certain children. On the road.
  • Practice more grace. 
    • Ditto on the previous point. 
  • Get outside of comfort zone.
    • In trying new things and talking to people I don't know--doing something I wouldn't normally be comfortable doing. 
  • Live with purpose.
    • God has one for me.  I need to seek His will for my life and live for Him. Only Him and His purpose. 
  • Not getting upset with myself for failing to do the previous things...
    • I'm only trying to do any of these things by myself, in my own power, I'm doomed to fail at every single thing.  So only in His strength can I seek to accomplish the things in this list and so much more than I could possibly imagine.  That's why I have a "theme song" for this matter what may come this year...the truth in this song is powerful. 

So here's to 2014 and all it will bring. Make it a good and memorable one.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Here's a look back at some things that happened in 2013.   


The Carpenters  #tradition

 A trip back to CU

Freshmen year dorm with my roomie


Yep, that's my shot!


 Easter Sunday
Jesus Board in Lifegroup

Goo Goo Dolls at CU

I love this little lady!

Welcome to the world, Simeon!
Happy wedding day, Erin!

Matt Maher

Happy Graduation, G!

 Yaki Mandu--my first Korean food

National Harbor 


Hilton Head Vacation

Last picture of all 3 pups together


9/11  Never forget

27th Birthday Dinner

What I wanted for my birthday, not literally of course. A puppy and a husband. Thanks, Michael


 Boyce Avenue in DC at 9:30 Club

Cousin girl sleepover

Kitchen demo=what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Dixie Classic Fair=good times

Harvest Celebration

Family Reunion in Williamsburg

Practicing for the Senior Adult Christmas Luncheon

Carpenter Christmas 
 Reunion with Alicia in MD
Another CU Reunion. Love you, kid.

2013 was definitely a eventful year.  I tried a lot of new things.  I shot my first pistol, shotgun and rifle. I drove on the beltway in MD by myself.  I tried Korean food.  I demoed a kitchen. Among many other things.  I look forward to all the new things to be experienced and memories made in 2014.